Kicked Back

75% love it
GayCities Members report that Kicked Back has closed
Kick back during happy hour with a mixed crowd
If your looking for a cheap place to drink, the specials at this bar really can't be beat. Karaoke nights are popular. Mixed crowd.


    • Not a gay bar anymore!!!
      Not even gay friendly really although the bartender was really nice and clearly knew we were not where we had wanted to be and made suggestions for other places.

    • BarHopper21
      BarHopper21 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The PLACE to be!!!
      Fun atmosphere, great music, great drink prices. I didnt go broke to get drunk. Savannah the bartender was AWESOME and her Savannah shots are the best. That was Saturday night. The night before was Friday and Chris was nice and helpful but I will never deal with the blonde short haired bartender again. She was the meanest bitch I have ever met. Im really considering not going back just because of her. But Savannah and Chris really showed me a good time. I just wont go on the Blondes night ever again!! Recommend everynight but Friday.

    • meah
      meah Over a year ago
      Hates it

      nice atmosphere
      Walked into the bar alone, got the"I don't recognize you stare" but for the most part it seemed to be a friendly crowd of gay, lesbians and straight people.One of the [email protected] was kind, the other seemed afraid of me. Liked that there was a crowd early and the music wasn't bad either. I will visit again, but not alone.